Over the years I’ve created many music videos. Most of these have been for myself but a few have been for fellow musicians. I hope you enjoy those below.

The Gift was written in celebration of the gift of imagination and the creative energy that is apart of all living creatures. Celebrate your gift.

This song was written many years ago for Anne Sims. Her birthday was on February 2nd and she tired of the association. A different view.

Before Now was inspired by the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Also informed by Be Here Now by Ram Dass.

Wake Up is my entry into the NPR contest Little Desktop. I dropped myself into the studio where the desktop sits. Nice greenscreen!

The Children’s Choir is my one attempt to create a true Christmas carol. As Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

The Power of Three was written in celebration of the third wedding anniversary of Barbara and myself. Still alive and well.

Written for Barbara. All intimate relationships are “mysteries.”

Another song from my collection, Grandpa Gander’s Nursery Rhymes.

Loved this song by Peter Mayer the first time I heard it. Perfect.

Another anniversary collection. I wrote the last verse.

A love song

A tribute to Hillary Clinton. Written and sung by Richard, a good friend.

Lead by my sister Caroline. Joined here by sisters LIsa and Sue.

A visual poem with my music

Visiting a rehearsal of my sister’s choir. My mom and two sisters sing. A marvelously talented and spirited group of singers.

This song was written for the choir of Laura Baker Services in Northfield, MN. I had it arranged for choir and here it is sung by the UUFN choir.

Another lovely hymn sung by the UUFN choir. I created the video for the piece.

Deep Peace is a lovely hymn sung here by the UUFN choir.

Winter into Spring was inspired by a marvelous poem by the Persian mystic Rumi. The poem, “The Music We Are” is at the heart of us.

This song was written with my sister Caroline in mind. An avid horse lover and romantic and also possessing a rich personality.

Mary Mary is one of several nursery rhymes that I have meddled with. Others include Humpty Dumpty found below.

This Place was written in recognition of the complex of ties that bind us to each other. The orchestral theme was written before the words.

A song written for my dearest friend Roy L.T. (long tail). No longer with me but my memory of him is still fresh in my heart. Love you Roy.

One of my oldest tunes. Written in the mid-1970’s , maybe earlier. Additional lyrics written by Bob Keating and slightly modified here.

Inspired by a poem fragment by Rumi.

Originally written for an organization called “Hope and New Life”

Written in 1976 as we left Peterborough, Ont. A goodbye to friends.

Written as a result of Audrey Peterson’s favorite bible story – Noah

A lovely song for Spring by the incomparable Amy and Adams.

Another love song (sigh)

Written for James Stephen Farnsworth and his marvelous program.

The first of four seasonal songs (three to come)

Tony’s Room is the first of four songs written about how we “lose” children. Tony’s Room refers here to his gravesite.

Spirit of Life is a UUFN hymn. Sung here by the UUFN choir. I created the video to accompany the voices. One of the loveliest short hymns that I know of.

I’ve always loved this traditional folk song. Again, sung here by the UUFN choir.

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